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FAQs On Moving Services In Canada

How many movers do you provide for the relocation of my house?

The number of movers needed to relocate your house will depend on the situation. We will do a pre-move survey of your house before the actual move, and then after thoroughly checking all the items and their perspective sizes, we will provide you with the number of movers and packers you will need. If you have a specified time for the relocation, it will also change the number of moves provided to you.

Is it necessary to give feedback after relocation?

No, it is your choice. If you want to give feedback, and if not, it’s totally up to you. But we recommend all the customers to must provide us feedback. This helps a lot with our work. Honest feedback from our respective customers helps us improve our services and motivates us to keep doing the work like this. We ask our customers if they like our services, then it is good and if not, then tell us the critical improvement areas so that we provide our customers with a better service next time.

If any damage occurs in between the move, who will be responsible for it?

Any damage that will occur in between the moving process, the movers will be responsible for it. Either it has occurred on your item, your property, someone’s items or some other person’s property. When you hire some movers, all the responsibility of items will be theirs. If any damage occurs, they are the ones who bear the loss. And the customers are free from any extra charges.

Do I need to book moving services in advance?

Yes, we recommend you book our house removals services a few days before the actual move but don’t take this decision in any hurry. First, search all the services we provide, get a quotation, and then ask you for information about the move and then a pre-move survey. Then the next day, the cost estimator will visit your home for a pre-move survey. He will check all the items, accessibility, and availability of movers al share the required information with you. Booking our Removalists service in advance will save much time, and you will get to know about the availability of resources we have now.

Can I do the whole house removal all by myself?

We can’t say that you cannot relocate your whole house, but it is pretty challenging to process. Having things done organized, you have to take some time off from your work and engage in its planning and execution. Relocating house for the first time will take a hell of your time and will bring unnecessary stress and workload. And no one wants to engage in this kind of stressful activity and spend their valuable time that keeps apart important works when you can rely on some professional movers to do this challenging work. That’s why resist all this heavy work, and people hire our professional crew of house movers in Canada to relocate their house in the easiest way possible.

Why do I need insurance?

Though our expert furniture movers are experienced and will ensure the safety of your furniture, there are a lot of uncertain circumstances. Still, we are all humans, and there is still a potential risk of damaging your items. So it will be great to pre-plan everything so that you don’t have to bear any loss in the future. Accidents can happen anywhere and will damage your furniture even after wrapping them with secure packaging many times.

What are my responsibilities during furniture removal?

First, you have to decide what furniture you want to move and assemble them in a particular place to avoid any mess. Make sure to share every critically needed information with the mover to ensure transparency of information. Please inform us about the key concerning the furniture to take extra care of those defined items. Mention all the essential information during the pre-move survey.

Will my furniture remain clean throughout the move?

Yes, Your furniture will remain clean throughout the move. We will pack your furniture at your home, and after that, packed furniture will be loaded, and it will only be unpacked at your new location. So in all this process, your furniture will remain packed and clean. Exactly, you handed it to us.

How will it cost to move my furniture?

These factors determine the cost of a move, and if you add some more customized services to it, it will add up in the cost. All the moderations regarding the furniture removals service and its cost will be discussed with the service provider.

What is an estimate or quote for moving?

When you hire a Furniture Removals service, before the actual moving day, an estimator from the company will approach your home and check all the items to be moved, their measurement and passways, including access to the location and ask you some questions about the same. After thoroughly analyzing everything, they will estimate the cost for that relocation and discuss it with you. This cost is not the actual cost, and it is only an estimation that your relocation will reach cost somehow nearby this estimated price.

Does our working activities stop on a moving day?

It depends on the type of office or business you have, including the number of employees and its size. But nowadays work from home is also a choice so if your employees can work from home, you don’t have any need to take the day off, but if they can’t so in this situation, you have to close the workings of your company on a moving day. But while having a day off, make sure to share this information with your clients and customers to avoid any inconvenience.

Is it ok to engage my employees in the moving process?

From the budget viewpoint, it is pretty good to engage your employees and you in moving work, but it may also lead to some severe disadvantages. As employees are not experts, this increases the risk of damage to your items and harm to your employees during the office relocation process in Canada, which will directly bring you to a disadvantage. So, in this case, letting expert movers do this job will be a great choice.

Does a business relocation affects my daily working activities?

Yes, it will. Relocation of office means a new place, new environment, and some new employees. It will take some time for you and your employees to adapt to a new environment. It will also bring new challenges, and some employees will leave the office, some new will join. You may also have chances to explore and grow potentially. You will also start experiencing these changes, but in time you will get used to them. Firstly, it seems pretty tricky, but later, you will get familiar with it.

What is your estimation procedure?

Firstly, when you contact us, our estimator will visit your workplace the next day and, from top to bottom, check all the material, including their size, weight, and number. According to all the factors, an estimated cost will be decided and shared with you. It will include all the factors. And in case you want to add any customized or additional service, its cost will also add up in the estimation. All the moderations will be first discussed with the service provider.

Do you move computers?

Yes, computers are a part of the office and hence included in office relocations. We do move computers and their parts to the new working place safely. We have a separate staff for this work, and they will also help you connect and disconnect these electronic items. You do not need to think about your electronic items and office furniture.

Is insurance protected in my removal quote?

Insurance isn’t always covered for your quote unless certain. We are certainly capable of arranging a quote for coverage of your belongings in the course of the move. Please visit our insurance segment for complete info. You can call us today at 0647 9322 202.

How do I work out what number of cardboards I want for my relocation?

Determining how many containers you’ll need can be pretty tough if you have not moved earlier. For different types of pool tables, different numbers of containers are used. But do not panic! Our pool table moving service is experienced and never lacks any planning. We bring additional cardboard cartons with us just in case we need them.

Is your packing service involved in your standards?

Unless you have asked for a packing service, packing hasn’t been covered in your removal quote. Would you please suggest while booking if you’d like a quote on any packing or custom packaging offerings? We’re happy to quote on packing for your pool table.

Do you have storage available?

Yes, we’ve each short-term and long term warehousing alternative available if you’re not quite equipped to move into your new home. Just ask us about your plans, and we will tailor a storage plan to fit.

Do you demand any hidden charges?

We strictly adhere to such ideas. Many pool table movers in Canada are falsely charging surplus after the relocation ends. But Team Removals have been indulged in such practices. We offer a one quote final quote policy because of our rigid prices.

Can we do it with the aid of our friends?

The risk of piano shifting is sincerely not DIY. Factors contributing to that cost are the buildup of all of the piano shifting equipment, renting a custom-designed truck, pulling the instrument out, making it at risk of damages, no coverage or insurance adding stress to an already challenging process, and many others. On the opposite hand, hiring us will assist you to store all of the costs and stress. Our piano movers Canada team have all of the know-how to haul and transport the piano to another suburb or local. The piano can’t be moved without the use of suitable gadgets and measurements. The dimensions of every model fluctuate, so the experts have to measure the pathways, spaces to take it out of the home and deliver it to the preferred area.

What is the actual price?

When you examine the expenses of moving a piano through DIY whilst you hire expert piano movers, you may realise the later value is a lot better. There are different factors on which the value of shifting a piano relies. These factors encompass the size, weight, the space of shifting, specs of the transport vicinity, and your adherence to the best quality. Some piano movers charge an hourly fee, and a few have a hard and fast charge. The fixed fee makes a greater feel which considers everything with unexpected difficulties. If you however think that moving the piano employing yourself is better, get a clear piano shifting estimate by telling the specific state. We have been in the piano removal industry for a long time and can inform you of an efficient way of shifting the massive instrument even if you do it yourself. Never forget to take advice from a skilled person earlier than doing something as complex as that.

What information am I supposed to give before calling Team Removals?

The nature and type of piano to be moved. The three primary forms of pianos are upright, grand, and console (no longer as tall as an upright) If the piano is grand, the length measured from the keyboard to the curve inside the bow stops. The exact address of origin to the exact address where we have to deliver it Any stairs, turns or landings, inside or out of doors of both places Requested moving date Any unique needs

Will there be a need to tune the piano after the move?

Moving your piano doesn’t affect the tuning of your piano; until our movers are doing it; however, humidity, temperature, and room size can influence the sound. We suggest that you have your piano tuned once it has been in its new place for three to four weeks.

Can you store my piano for a week, and what will be the cost?

We have a secure, weather-managed warehousing facility. We store pianos long-term and short-term. Our garage rate is cheaper and more economical than most of the piano movers in Canada, prorated on a month-to-month basis. Call for clarity on what consists of our storage prices.

How will it cost to move my belongings to another state?

Interstate moving is quite costly as compared to any local move. But its overall cost will be decided by considering time duration, distance, size and quantity of items and type of items. All these factors together can determine the actual cost of an Interstate removals service.

Do you move on weekends?

Yes, we do provide our moving services on weekends. We arrange a move on weekends for some people who work and don’t get time on business days to engage in the moving process freely. You can hire our moving service at whatever time suits you, either at weekends or business days.

How do I get void of my old furniture?

Try to purge the old items that you won’t need in your new home. And sell the old furniture, try to do this work one or two months before the actual day of the move so that till the moving day you will get the best possible deal for your old items.

Can I do some customization on Packing services?

Yes, you are allowed to do customization in packing services. You can add more or less any required service. But you have to inform our packers before the commencement of services. All the modifications and price estimations will be discussed with you by our service providing team, and there will not be any alternate changes made between the commencement of services.

Are there any goods that I can not pack or move?

Yes, the government has passed legislation on packing and moving certain types of goods for people's safety. Goods such as gasoline, propane tanks, oxygen, fire extinguishers, ammunition, and fireworks are considered dangerous goods by the government, and transportation and packaging of these goods are prohibited.

How will my delicate items be protected by packing?

We will protect your delicate and expensive items by packing them using specific types of cartons and wrapping material. We will double wrap them to ensure extra safety. We will use good quality material to pack your treasured belongings. We will pack your delicate items in a separate box so that they will not get mixed with other boxes, and while you load them, you will place them in a separate corner to ensure extra safety during the move.

Should I hire a different or one company for both packings and moving of my material?

It would be a great choice to hire one company to do both works, packing and moving. Through this, you can save cost, and if your item gets damaged, it is only that particular company's responsibility to bear the loss. On the other hand, if you hire different companies for packaging and moving, and if due to anything, your package will get damaged, both companies will blame each other, and the things will only get messed up, and you will not get anything.

What type of packing materials do you use?

We use different packing materials to pack your items, such as paper boxes, cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, foiled chip bags. All these materials are said to be best for packaging any material. Almost all the companies use these materials to ensure the safety of their product, so us. These materials are considered protectable and will ensure the safety of your delicate and expensive material. But it can be appropriately used. Otherwise, the wrong usage may lead to damage to the item.