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Expert Piano Movers In Canada

Professional Piano Movers In Canada

A piano is one of the most oversized items that must be carefully moved on a moving day. Even though the body of the piano might have a strong appearance, its large dimensions make it exceptionally awkward to carry, and there's no way to pack and move this finely tuned instrument yourself. Any minor to significant damage to your piano can affect the sound of the piano. Therefore, moving a piano by professionals is recommended, where Team Removals comes in.

Our expert piano movers in Canada have been helping people move their pianos for more than 10+ years. During that time, we've designed a reliable piano-moving strategy that not only keeps your piano safe and damage-free but makes a move quick and easy. We have the vital skills and expertise to ensure a 100% safe piano relocation.

At Team Removals, moving a piano is like an everyday task for our piano movers in Canada, and approximately they have moved 5000+ piano and antique uprights in 10years. Our piano moving service is complete, from an in-house survey to reassembling. We go through an intense study of your piano and plan accordingly so that our piano movers in Canada can relocate your piano painlessly or without damaging any part of it throughout the removal process. Despite the difficulty level, we have the best tools and techniques to move different types of pianos quickly. If you need to relocate your piano, give us a call or fill out our free quote form available at our website to get a rough estimate of your piano moving services in Canada.

Reliable Piano Moving Services In Canada

Whether you plan to shift your piano to the next room or cross country, you must need professional piano moving services like packing, loading, reassembling, transportation, etc., to protect your piano and its surroundings from any damage or scratches. To fulfil all these requirements of a client, Team Removals piano movers in Canada offer a variety of piano removal services which includes:

Piano Disassembly Service

Piano removals often entail dismantling or removing the piano's parts to make it easy to pack and relocate. With a large piano like a baby grand piano or concert piano, this service is essential to ensure its safety, and it fits through doorways and onto the truck. We have a specific toolkit and procedure to detach each piano part to cater to piano disassembly services. Making the piano lighter will be manageable to load onto the truck and transport, which reduces the chance of injury or property damage. Our piano movers in Canada actively engaged themselves to remove the legs, lid, piano top and other detachable pieces of piano in no time.

Local Piano Moving Service

If you're planning a local move in the Canada area and looking for reliable piano movers near you to move it from one address to another, Team Removals can help you in this job with an in-home piano move to local piano moving services. Our team of piano movers in Canada works quickly to get your piano packed and moved past the city in a couple of hours. We also offer a man with van transport services to entertain the moving requirements of clients in entire Canada at cheaper rates.

Cross-Country Piano Moving Service

Whether you're moving your entire house or just a few heavy things like a piano from one state to another, Team Removals can effectively handle your long-distance piano removals. Our long-distance piano moving team can pack and move just your piano or the things of your home, ensuring its safe arrival across the state or country. We have a team of licensed cross-country movers in Canada who have excellent knowledge of all the routes and borders rules to deliver a smooth piano removal service.

Piano Packing Service

It is essential to have the best quality packing service during the relocation process due to its delicate nature. Our piano movers in Canada come armed with the necessary packing materials and equipment to pack and manage every aspect of the relocation process. They have specialized piano tools to disassemble, then wrap all pieces with moving blankets and bubble wraps, securing them with moving straps with the truck to stay protected during transit. Our choice of high-quality packing supplies and tools keeps your beloved piano safe and in top condition throughout the move or storage period.

Piano Storage and Insurance Service

If your new home is not well prepared to keep your piano, then don't worry. Team Removals have perfect climate-controlled storage units in Canada to keep your piano for short as well as a long period of time. We can make a move from your current home to our storage, and when your new home is ready to shift, schedule the delivery of your piano with our move manager. We have spacious warehouse storage available at different locations in Canada. When you store your piano with us, you can rest assured as it will be under the moving insurance. If any damage happens during the transportation or storage, you can claim insurance cover within 24 hours after the relocation.

How Our Piano Movers In Canada Relocate Your Piano Safely?

At Team Removals, our piano movers follow the correct methodology and techniques to move the piano safely, and this is what makes us the most trusted piano movers in Canada. Our combination of a clear strategy, expert communication, and experience loading and unloading pianos give us the edge we need to do the best job. When you contact our move manager for piano moving services, he will first gather all the information about your moving schedule, budget and what services you are exactly looking for. After getting all the information, he will customise your piano removal as per your requirements and offer you a final quote.

Once you agree upon the final quotation, our piano moving and packing team will arrive with all the tools, packing items and trucks on the decided moving day and perform the following given tasks with ultimate precision and care.

  • We start our piano moving process by measuring the dimensions of the piano and doorways; this will help our piano movers to know what strategy should be used to move the piano safely from the house. After measurements, we consult about the route with you, and if you agree, we move to the second step.
  • Our piano movers start disassembling your piano for easy handling and packing in the second step. They will safely remove the legs, pad and music box of the piano and secure all the screws/nuts into a sealable bag.
  • Next, our expert packing team will precisely wrap and pack all the dismantled parts of your piano with bubble wraps/stretch wraps and moving blankets. We use excellent quality packing supplies to protect the moving items against scratch and damage.
  • Once the piano is packed, we'll load it onto the truck with the help of furniture dollies and piano moving sliders and secure them with moving straps. This equipment will help our piano movers to load overweight items painlessly.
  • At last, we will take your piano to its new place. Our movers will reassemble and reposition your piano, and that's how we will make your piano move hassle-free and safe.

Book Our Piano Moving Services In Canada

Whenever we pack or relocate something for clients, our primary goal is to give 100% satisfaction to them. No matter how far you need to move your piano, Team Removals will help you get it there in the same condition you left. Our expert piano movers have the expertise required to move, load, and unload a piano with zero damage. Book our professional but cheap piano moving services in Canada by filling out our quotation form, and even if you need some other moving and packing services, call us on this number 06479322202 or email at info@teamremovals.ca.


FAQs On Piano Moving Services In Canada

Q. Can you move any type of piano?

Yes! If you need piano moving services in Canada to shift your piano from one location to another, Team Removals can help you. Our piano movers in Canada have experience moving virtually every other type of goods and instrument safely to short and long distances. For more than ten years, we have relocated 5000 pianos of different kinds like console pianos, vertical pianos, upright pianos, full-size grand pianos. To get a free quote, call on 06479322202.

Q. Why do I need to hire professional piano movers?

Relocating such heavy items like pianos yourself is not easy and safe. While moving the piano by yourself, you need to navigate it through hallways, upstairs or downstairs, without damaging it against any walls and other surroundings. This requires careful handling and skillset, which you only get from professional piano movers. Our expert team of piano movers in Canada can help you ensure your piano will not be damaged and appropriately handled on every bump during your move.

Q. Do I need to cover floors to prevent damage?

No, you don't need to cover your floors during piano relocation. Our piano movers use equipment like piano sliders and furniture dollies to prevent scratches and damage on the floor. They also wear industrial rubber boots to avoid dust and marks on the floor. If you want to cover your floors, you can use rubber rugs to ensure damage-free removal.

Q. What is the cost of your piano moving services in Canada?

The cost of our piano moving services in Canada depends on the size and type of the piano, how far our piano movers are moving it, and the difficulty level of the move. The more information you share with our move manager, the more accurate we estimate the overall cost of your piano moving service. If you require any particular service like packing or unpacking, insurance cover, piano storage, etc., it will cost furthermore and be added to your estimate. Please note: We do not charge any hidden charges or moving tips after the final estimate. Call on 06479322202 to get your free estimate.

Q. Does my piano need to be tuned after relocation?

Piano tuning is affected only by poor relocation practices, temperature and size of the new space. Even humidity can also disturb the tuning of the piano. Otherwise, piano removals do not affect the sound of the piano. If piano relocation is appropriately done, it shouldn't need to be tuned after relocation, as safely moving piano doesn't affect its tuning and other parts. Wait some days to let your piano adapt to the new place to get in tune again, or contact our piano moving and tuning services in Canada for help.

Q. What will be the best place to store the piano?

Team Removals offer secure storage services in Canada for both short and long-term period. We have the best place for storing piano: climate and temperature-controlled storage space with little to no exposure to sunlight. Our warehouse staff will keep your piano safe and ensure pests or other external factors will not damage it. To book your storage space, send your query to info@teamremovals.ca or call 06479322202.

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