Pool Table Movers Canada

Pool Table Movers Canada

Expert Pool Table Movers In Canada

Pool Table Movers In Canada

Should I take help from pool table movers near me? The most straightforward answer is yes! Many think they can approach pool table relocation without any help or expert pool table movers and save some money, but relocating something so heavy and oversized can be difficult and risky. Moving a pool table is tricky and should never be done by yourself, with friends, family, or by hiring any local moving company that doesn't have the adequate expertise and experience to do so.

Professional pool table moving service providers come with experienced movers, tools, and equipment that make it easy and safe for a successful relocation. If you intend to keep your billiard or pool table in the home for generations to come, allow Team Removals pool table movers in Canada to perform pool table removals most safely.

At Team Removals, we are always ready to help our clients with our 24/7 availability and number of professional moving and storage services in Canada, including pool table moving services. Our ten years of skills and experience will make your experience of moving a pool table safe and hassle-free. Over the years, we've learned different tricks and techniques to safely move bulky to delicate items, so you can trust our professional pool table movers in Canada to handle your move with care.

Why Choose Our Pool Table Movers In Canada?

There are several benefits or reasons to choose our best pool table moving services in Canada. As we have explained earlier, pool tables are one of the large specialty items that many people try to relocate themselves to avoid the added cost of hiring expert pool table moving services. But the reality is pool tables or billiard tables are more delicate and difficult to move than they appear, and hiring an unskilled person or company may lead to damage and injuries. Therefore, choosing only our skilled pool table movers can save you time, money, and stress. Apart from all, look at these seven big reasons to hire our pool table movers in Canada who can make your relocation smoother.

We Use Specialized Equipment & Tools

Our pool table moving team understands that a pool table requires specialized tools to disassemble, load and transport. This is one of the reliable reasons to go for our moving company in Canada. We use specialized tools and equipment to move bulky objects quickly. From a socket wrench to a large-sized truck and storage space, we have everything to complete the job on time, from moving to reassembling.

We Possess 10+ Years Of Experience

The dimensions of a billiard table or pool table make shifting them challenging, requiring special attention and correct handling manuals to make a move successful. Most of the time, the suitable method of separating them and putting them together depends on the table's brand, model, age, and condition. You could try to find the proper instructions for your table and take it apart yourself. Still, with 10+ years experienced pool table movers, you spend minimum time stressing over the process and groove the peace of mind that your pool table is in the safe hands who know specifically how to take care of it.

We Have Guaranteed Insurance

Another reason to hire our pool table moving service is full coverage insurance. If you try to shift your pool table by yourself or with the help of some people who might not know the techniques, it can be dangerous and may damage the surrounding. If you suffer injuries, or if you damage property during the move, like a slate of the table or floors, you will have to spend some extra money to make things repaired. But if you go with our professional pool moving services, we have full coverage insurance and a skilled workforce for the move. We ensure you can relax knowing that your pool table is in good hands and that if something terrible happens, you will not be responsible.

We Handle Each Step Carefully

There are several steps to relocating a pool table, and each one requires care and attention, from disassembling the pool table to moving it to the truck to unloading and reassembling it. The process can be time-consuming and laborious, and one mistake can ruin your expensive table. Our pool table movers in Canada make the process easier by handling everything themselves. They will disassemble the table for you, load it safely into the truck, transport it, and carefully reassemble it to the destination place.

We Have The Fastest Turnaround Time

Shifting bulky items like a pool table can eat a lot of your time, and disassembling and reassembling involves many steps and needs a team of skilled people. We have experience and specialized equipment to complete the process on time, while you can focus on other essential parts of your move. Let our pool table movers do it for you instead of spending hours on DIY pool table removals.

We Are Cheap & Reliable

Team Removals has broken the myth that hiring a professional moving company to move your pool or billiard table will add some cost to your budget. Our movers do many things to save our clients from other expenses and hassle. We will cut down the moving expenses by saving your money spent on buying tools, packing supplies, money spent on damage repairs and give ultimate peace of mind.

Services You Get With Pool Table Moving In Canada

At Team Removals, we provide several pool moving services in Canada. Unlike other movers, we not only disassemble or relocate your pool table but come with the latest tools, equipment and experienced pool table movers that make the removal process 100% safe. That kind of service can make hiring our professional pool table movers in Canada well worth the expense.

Disassembling & Packing Services

Disassembling is one of the trickiest parts of pool table moving, but our pool table movers in Canada will save you from this stress. Our moving team has all the skills and expertise for disassembling a pool table, including removing the felt, slates, side rails and legs. When dismantling, they remove all the parts that need care and special handling to avoid damage. After properly removing the elements, our pool table movers pack it properly with high packing supplies. This service also includes unpacking and reassembling at your new place.

Loading & Unloading Services

The loading and transportation phase is another challenging part of moving a pool table yourself. With Team Removals, you don't have to perform this task alone, and our professional movers will safely load your pool table into the truck and secure it with strong moving straps. We use dollies to load all the pieces to the truck and fill the spaces with other cushioning material to prevent vibration when transporting.

Local & Long Distance Pool Table Moving Services

Local pool table moving refers to services we offer to Sarasota residents. If you are moving within Canada, you can conveniently hire us to relocate your pool table. Apart from Canada or local moving services, we also provide pool table moving services to other locations. If you plan to relocate cross-state, we at Team Removals will help take your stress out with an experienced team of cross-state movers in Canada that has all the packing and moving skills.

Storage Services

When moving your pool table across the state, you may need a secure storage space to store it before settling in your new home. At Team Removals, as a part of our services, we provide storage space for your furniture and items, including your pool table. Our secure and convenient storage services ensure the safety of your pool table from damage and external issues. Our clean and spacious storage houses are the perfect solution for the client's short and long-term storage needs. When you allow our Canada pool table movers to shift your pool table, you can focus on the joy of the move and the other essential aspects of the relocation that demand your attention. No worrying about safely disassembling your table or looking for a missing bolt or pocket. Just trust the skill and expertise of the movers you hired. So, Be bright! Please fill out our contact form, schedule your pre-move survey, or call and speak with our move manager at 06479322202.


FAQs On Pool Table Moving Services In Canada

Q. What are the different cost estimation factors of moving a pool table?

Here are the several cost estimation factors that we use to determine the actual cost of our client's move:

  • Packing & Labour Charge

    We consider the packing and mover's charges in the estimate. You will not have to pay the extra amount for packing supplies or tips to our movers. We labour charge in place of doing the tasks of loading and unloading.

  • Transport Charge

    Another factor in determining the estimate for pool table removals is the travel time and transportation charges. You don't have to pay fuel costs.

  • Unpacking Charge

    Professional movers and packers add this cost-head then they will be responsible for doing all the unpacking tasks at your new home. You need not pay extra money for unpacking charges if it is already added to your moving estimate.

  • Other Charges

    The additional charges includes unpacking, reassembling, insurance, toll tax and many more. Our expert movers and packers will do all these things to make your move safe.

Q. Can you move my table without disassembling it?

We generally won't move a pool table in one piece. Moving in one piece would be heavy and challenging, and the slates will get damaged. Also, the pressure on the rails induces the cushions to come apart. Therefore, we do not recommend moving the pool table in one piece. For more queries or doubts, you can contact our support at 06479322202.

Q. What makes Team Removals different from other movers in Canada?

Team Removals have both experience and expertise in the industry of removals and storage. We are Canada's trusted packers and movers with 100% client satisfaction. At Team Removals, you will get the best deals and save a notable amount of money on your move.

Q. How can I track my goods is once it leaves my home?

We understand this concern of clients that why we have established a satellite tracking system so that our clients can track the live location and status of their goods. With Team Removals, you don't have to worry about the shipment of your goods.

Q. When is the best time for pool table relocation?

The best time for a pool table is in the spring season when the temperature is moderate and will not harm the texture of your pool table. In this season, you don't find rush hours to book movers, and you have flexibility in your schedule and can quickly get a date.

Q. Will you send me a confirmation?

Once you agree on the quote, our move manager will email a confirmation mail. All the information will be mentioned thoroughly, including the moving date, day, and list of the items to be moved with the estimated cost. If something is incorrect on the confirmation paper, contact us right away.

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