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Specialty Movers Canada

Best Specialty Moving Services In Canada

Specialty Moving Service In Canada

If you have ever moved before or are planning to relocate soon, you may be familiar with the different types of moving services. Most moving companies in Canada specialise in the house or office removals services, helping you shift your furniture and packed boxes from one place to another. But specialty moving services can be essential if you have odd or giant items that don't fit into a standard category.

Team Removals is known for its ability to help people relocate even with the most oddly designed object in their home. Moving specialty items may seem complicated, but our specialty movers in Canada are certified and professionally trained to help you move your items most efficiently and safely. We have provided more than 2400 specialty moving services in Canada, committed to quality and a satisfaction guarantee.

Our Specialty moving service is for all types of unique and precious items of all shapes and sizes, from pianos to fine art. These possessions need special handling instructions and care to keep their value during the relocation process. Even special moving needs are often required for small items like wall hangings, china dishes, grandfather clocks, television and many more. Therefore, invest in our specialty movers in Canada to ensure that your large or small valuable items won't get damaged or lost whenever you plan to move and get stuck with these odd things.

Benefits of Hiring Small Item Moving Services In Canada

Trust the experience we have collected from years of hard work and execute highly-demanding moves most safely. There are many benefits of hiring our specialty or small item moving services in Canada, from the assurance of knowing your belongings will arrive in the same condition. And our movers will save you from the stress and hassle of moving everything yourself. Apart from experience and variety of services, we have been doing great in the following areas that will help to know why you should choose our exceptional moving services for all your moving needs.


We avoid any worries about dropping something throwing your back out. Our professional specialty movers in Canada have the know-how, skills, training, and specialised equipment to get the job done without any accidents or mishaps on your end. They will take all the proper measures and follow the safety instructions to make your move smooth and safe.

Fast and Stress-Free Move

Our small movers are trained to perform the task of packing and moving things quickly, on schedule, and efficiently to save you from any delay or added stress from your move.

Appropriate Handling

A specialty move highly demands an understanding of the particular angle or space that a fragile item or furniture needs to be carried and loaded into the moving truck. Our team of specialty movers in Canada has this particular skill and understanding of complex structures and pathways that distinguish us from others and help us perform the task efficiently.

Expert Packing and Unpacking

Team Removals Canada is very well-known for its expertise in delivering packing and unpacking services in Canada. With high-grade quality packing materials like sturdy cartons, moving boxes, and a variety of wraps, our specialty movers will pack your items that will be secure and safe while in transit. After the secure transportation, they unload and unwrap your goods and assemble them at the right place.

Tools and Transportation Availability

We, Team Removals, have all types and sizes of trucks and vans to fulfil the removal needs of our clients. In addition to trucks and other moving vehicles, we have a wide range of moving equipment and tools that assist our movers with moving, including moving blankets, furniture dollies, straps or belts, sliders, ramps, safety gloves, pallet jacks, toolkit and more.

Type Of Things That Our Specialty Movers Relocate

Our specialty movers in Canada can be hired for specific items that may be small or big that standard house movers may not be able to move appropriately or require some extra inputs while moving. You can find Specialty movers all across Canada, offering different quotes for their services, but by hiring, Team Removals will be served with quality at the cheapest rates. Let's take a look at the things that we move under specialty move:

Anything Big & Bulky

It is a big question to move cumbersome objects safely without damaging them. Some flat-screen televisions, refrigerators, washers, and dryer units might be too large to fit through the doorways and hallways. Our specialty movers are trained to remove large and bulky items with zero damage.

Unique Pieces Of Furniture

Do you have sizeable well-furnished furniture and fine arts that must be handled with extreme care? Some unprofessional movers may refuse to move parts of the furniture like that. But, our specialty movers in Canada are fully equipped with tools and knowledge to relocate these types of oddly designed furniture safely and securely.

Fragile & Cumbersome Items

Some of these items may not fit into a moving truck. Fragile items like glassware must primarily be handled with care, as improper transport can damage them. Our specialty movers in Canada can safely provide large trucks with enough space to transport them to your new home or office.

Statues & Art Pieces

Storing speciality items like a piano, pool table, or fine arts is challenging and requires special care and attention. Our movers and packers have a great understanding of packing and storing special items safely in our climate-controlled storage units in Canada. We have ample space to store large to large antiques and instruments. Hire our speciality storage services in Canada and let your stress out of your mind.

How Do Specialty Movers Transport These Items?

Handling and moving specialty items is a challenging task for many moving companies, but Moving Champs have gained expertise in this area also. The method our specialty movers in Canada employ is unique to get your specialty and large items safely packed up and transported. In two steps, we make your specialty item transported safely.

At the very first, we take details about the number and type of item that need to be transported with special handling instructions. Telling our specialty movers about the exact size, shape, dimension and difficulties in pathways of your specialty objects can help them decide what tools and packing supplies to bring to pack and relocate them safely.

Our specialty mover comes up with special crates, boxes, wraps and packs all the items safely on a moving day. Things placed on a pallet or furniture sliders are easier to transport around. Some items can be moved onto a flatbed and secured safely with rope.

It might be best to make preparations before they arrive to make the relocation process smooth and damage-free for both you and our specialty movers. Please provide us with as much information as possible about the belongings you want to transport before hiring specialty moving services in Canada.


FAQs On Specialty Moving Services In Canada

Q. What is your estimation for your specialty moving services?

Team Removals support system is 24/7 available for our clients and offer a quick and easy estimation for your requested specialty moving service. We provide fast and budget-friendly moving estimates based on the information given by the client. After this, the pre-move survey and a follow-up conversation with our move manager allow both of us to get more in-depth details of the move. We will offer you a transparent and easy-to-understand quote with a complete understanding.

Q. Can you store some of my large, delicate items?

No matter how long you want to store your items, we own perfect storage space. Our short and long-term storage services in Canada is well-equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems, 24/7 guard & video monitoring and a fire alarm system. After adequately packing your items, our movers will store them in a temperature and climate-controlled storage cell.

Q. Does your moving company do staging?

Staging is the act of minimising or decluttering furniture, personal items and other things in the most desirable way to make a move easy and safe. As a moving company, we offer staging at some level but not as a service. We can remove excess furniture and antique items to help you stage your home.

Q. How do you protect my appliances on bad weather moving day?

Our specialty movers in Canada are trained to complete the move in extreme conditions and do their best to protect your belongings from rain, snow and dust. Please note that we follow the Mover's Compensation Policy; all of our movers will wear CSA approved footwear at all times. Due to inclement weather, we will not be held responsible for soiled carpets or floors, but we use runners and moving blankets to protect your carpets and offer cleaning services if you include them in your estimate.

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