Many people are looking for ways to lessen their ecological footprint and have a beneficial impact on the surroundings as environmental worries continue to rise. One such chance comes along when it’s time to relocate to a new house. The moving process utilizes a lot of resources and produces a lot of garbage, but with little preparation and environmentally friendly packaging, you can focus on green moving.

So, in this blog, our movers and packers in Canada will provide you with tips for green moving, which will help you cut down on your carbon footprint dramatically.

7 Tips For Eco Friendly Packaging 

The truth is that you will have a tonne of excellent green moving choices available to you right away; all you need to do is recognize them and make use of them. Here are some tips for eco friendly packaging that will make your move safe as well as environmentally pleasant:

1. Declutter

Your top objective while planning a green move should be to organize your house so that you may take just the items you want, will use, and need in the near future after the move.

It’s simple math: the less you pack and move, the less room you’ll need on the moving vehicle, which will result in using less fuel and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses during transit.

However, you shouldn’t simply throw away your unwanted products because doing so would lead them to wind up in the nearby landfill, which will make the situation worse. So, it is better to use eco friendly packing materials instead.

2. Use Boxes You Collected Throughout The Year

Online shopping isn’t the eco-friendly moving method to stock up on what you need, but since it’s such a common practice in contemporary life, you might as well use the boxes in which things are shipped. So you can use those boxes to pack up your belongings and incorporate environmentally friendly packaging. 

3. Sell, Gift Or Donate

Let’s look at what you can do to prevent your undesired but still useful stuff from ending up in the local landfill. You can opt to sell, donate, or gift your unwanted items, which will assist in decreasing the impact on the environment.

  • Gift: Moving to a new house is an excellent chance to be kind to the people you love and to demonstrate your continued concern for the environment. So, some of the things you’ve chosen not to bring with you can be given as gifts to friends and family. 

  • Donate: To make your next move more environmentally friendly, donate some of the unwanted items when you relocate. There are numerous charity organizations where you may give items like food, clothing, books, gadgets, appliances, and furniture. Some charities may even visit your home on a determined day and time to collect unwanted things.

  • Sell: Sell the items you’re leaving behind, but check to see whether they’re still in great and usable condition. Although they may no longer be of much value to you, such objects may still be quite beneficial to others. You have the option to sell such items online or host a successful garage sale before the relocation. In this case, you will make some more money, which will help you stretch your moving budget.

4. Use Clothes To Wrap Fragile Items

This is one of the most environmentally friendly packing techniques to use bath towels or blankets to safeguard your belongings and avoid using additional packaging materials as well as plastic waste. In addition to protecting your items, this will also save money on packing supplies like bubble wrap and packing peanuts that you’ll unavoidably discard after the relocation. As they decompose in landfills, these plastics contaminate the groundwater and water supplies. By safeguarding fragile picture frames, plates, and vases with clothes, you’ll prevent contributing to this problem.

5. Use Eco Friendly Packing Materials 

Using eco friendly packing materials to pack and safeguard your priceless items will be your biggest contribution to protecting the environment when you’re planning a house move. Utilizing recyclable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly packing is generally strongly advised by professional packing service providers.

  • Cardboard Boxes: You should definitely reuse old cardboard boxes instead of rushing to the store to purchase brand-new ones. You can ask your friends and neighbors if they have cardboard boxes they won’t ever need again. As plastic products generally harm the environment, it is better to avoid plastic containers.

  • Green Bubble Wrap: When possible, swap the regular bubble wrap with the eco-friendly version (up to 40% recycled material). 

6. Hire A Green Moving Company 

The greatest method to reduce the environmental effect of your relocation is to work with a green moving company that is dedicated to eco friendly packing procedures. An eco friendly packaging company may assist you in getting set up with reusable moving boxes so you don’t have to worry about taking the cardboard box and utilizing vehicles that operate on biodiesel fuel rather than conventional petrol. 

7. Recycle Your Moving And Packing Materials

Consider recycling your surplus moving and packing materials. Besides utilizing recycling services, you can also offer your unused moving items to individuals who might be planning a move in the near future. If you have any extra moving supplies, consider posting them on social media platforms to give someone else the opportunity to dispose of them responsibly.


You may drastically lessen the environmental effect of your relocation and help to create a more sustainable future by implementing these top 7 eco friendly packaging tips, strategies, and practices. Keep in mind that every tiny action counts during green moving, and by making thoughtful decisions, you may improve the world.

Every less work seems more if you’re managing the relocation alone. So, decluttering, recycling, and using eco friendly packing techniques are all easy ways to reduce the environmental effects of your relocation.

Our staff at Team Removals Canada takes the need to practice green moving seriously. So, to make your next move eco friendly you can get in touch with our packing and unpacking team in Canada right away to inquire about our moving services or to talk about environmentally friendly packaging methods. 

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