You must take care of many things while moving to a new place because it is a new life. Whenever you move a house, it becomes essential to focus on every step of the preparations carefully.

It is not only about packing or loading and unloading the belongings; it is more about how you are making everything go smoothly. Also, what you do after moving into the new home is equally important, and it makes a change.

This unique address brings very new beginnings to your life. 

Packaging and unpacking are not the only tasks in a move. However, they are the most important ones, but there are more also on which you need to look.

You are the owner of your house, and it’s better to take everything as responsibility. Knowing what your new house needs and what you should do while in the old house during the last days before the move creates the most significant difference. It makes you work smartly.

We understand that a lot must have happened to you while thinking about what to do on the move and whatnot. And also, there is already a lot going on in your mind, so to make it easier for you, we have created a list of 10 things to arrange when moving a house.

These steps are essential, and you need to make some effort to complete them. It is your ultimate checklist not to miss anything. After reading these, you will get a sense of relaxation to have good ideas about what should be your next step. Have fun and enjoy the ambiance of your new residence.

Essential Checklist: Things To Do When Moving A House

1. Look Thoroughly To Every Corner Of Your House

There are many essential things that you need to remember before moving out. Whether in the old house or the new one, you should walk in the whole house. But, while in the old residence, it becomes essential to take a walkthrough.

It would be best if you saw what is there in the house you want to take to the new one. A general walk in every corner of the house will help you make up your mind about the useless items in your place and which ones are very much valuable. 

2. Sort Out The Task And Objects First

An intelligent way to enjoy the move is to do the challenging task first. You should sort out the task between every family member so that they will perform equally in the move. One of the best methods to do this is by reasonably sorting every belonging. Downsizing the items in the earlier days makes your moving very easy.

Most people are unaware that they have many extra and useless items in their house, and these objects increase the load on a moving day. You may have to spend extra money on these things to arrange more vehicles.

So, it is best to sort out the items to save some money and time. You can donate or sell these things to get rid of them permanently. Take them to any of the nearest donation centers. This way, needy people will get to use these. 

Also, if any of them is not in a condition to use, then it is best to throw them away.

3. Pack The Things As Early As Possible

Packaging is the hero of your moving story. The fun part is that it can be a villain, too, if you do not do it properly. One should never leave packing for the last few days because you will not get enough time to do it correctly. Always pack in advance to avoid further confusion.

Favor yourself by planning it in the initial days of the move. Other things become easy for you if you are done packing beforehand. You will get ample time to think about what you should do next. 

Always start with the significant sections of your house. It can be the master bedroom or the living area of your home. See what is not that useful for you for the next few weeks.

Select which part of the house you won’t need for at least the next month, and then pack that part firsthand. Continue packing every section of the house one by one. 

4. Arrange Good Packing Material 

Arranging good packing material is like a blessing for a move. Anyone needs to keep their belongings safe and secure. If you use any cheap quality material for this purpose, then it might cause damage to the goods. 

You can get excellent quality material from any online store or marketplace in your city. It would be best to get enough wrapping sheets, brown or cello tapes, and cardboard boxes of various sizes.

If you want to get packaging supplies at a lower cost, it is best to get them from a friend or relative. Also, there are some online marketplaces where you can avail of excellent discount offers on packing material.

5. Discontinue The Services Of Your Old Place

As you are all moving to a house, you will set up your essential services again, so it is better to discontinue the services of the old residence officially. To make this easier and swifter for you, we have listed a few below.

  • Gas connection
  • Electricity supply
  • Phone or wifi connection
  • Newspaper supply
  • House help or maid services
  • Grocery orders from local stores
  • Water connection in kitchen and bathrooms

Above are some general and common services available in every other household. You must tell the service providers to discontinue these at your address because you are leaving the place.

Do not forget to tell them the date of your move, so that they will cut the connection after that. Also, settle the bills with them to avoid any further misunderstanding.

6. Get Your Medicine And Health Reports

Moving is not just about mental pressure, it also challenges you physically. You get drained after so much hard work in packing and taking care of everything. To always think of avoiding chaos, you often forget to look after yourself.

This continues even for a few days after shifting to the new house. So, it is better if you keep the medicines ready before moving. Go to the family doctor and get yourself and each family member checked by them.

Get your health reports of any chronic or acute disease if you have one. This will make it convenient for you to show your health condition to the other doctor in the new place.

Before leaving, it’s important to undergo a diagnosis for any seasonal health issues. Your health should be your top priority above all else. If you’re not physically fit, consider hiring professional packing and unpacking services.

7. Think About Your Pet And Plants

Animals and plants do not understand the concepts like humans. We are blessed with the ability to speak and express our emotions. But plants and animals cannot do that. We always need to take care of them like a baby.

They are living beings, and they need extra attention. Our love and care can keep them healthy. During the move, most people forget about them. You get too busy thinking about materialistic items to ignore these lovely creatures. 

Pets get very uncomfortable during the move. It is best to keep your pets in any pet care for one or two days when transporting the goods to the new residence. This way, you will be able to keep them away from the disturbance of your house. 

On the other hand, you should cover your plants adequately while moving. Never keep them on any truck during transportation. Find ways to keep your plant babies safe until you reach the new house.

8. Get All The Documents Done Beforehand

Documentation is necessary for every nation, and it becomes more critical when you are moving cross country. The new city officials will verify your documents, and any single mistake will dig a hole for you.

So, to avoid any wrongdoing, we advise you to check all your official documents before leaving your old place. If any critical paper is pending, get it done before moving. This one step will save you from further misconceptions after reaching the new place. 

9. Arrange Any Additional Help For Your Move

This is very obvious about the moving day that you will need help. No matter how independent you are, there is always a need for extra helping hands on a moving day. It is difficult for a single person to move a big piece of furniture an inch. It is always good to have help in packing and unpacking the items. It never hurts to have more people in the house to make the heavy tasks easier for you. 

It can be your family members and your friends who can be there for you to help. Apart from them, you can also call any professional movers in Canada on a moving day to assist you.

10. Check With The Moving Company

When you leave the old house and move to the new one, it is essential to place everything on point. You cannot afford to be late for the tasks. It is now time to do a final check. 

You can do the final check with the moving company too. Check every corner of your house to see if there is anything left. 

Check the meter readings for water and electricity. Take a quick inspection of each room. Make sure you also check all of the windows and balconies. Look for any missed items under the sofas and beds. Check all cabinets and cupboards in every room, kitchen, and bathroom. 

Do not forget to check the other house areas like the garden and garage.


Moving to a new place is a big change in life. When you move, you must do many things to be ready. It’s not only about putting things in boxes and taking them out again. It’s about being careful and doing things in the right order. After you move, your life will be different, like starting a new story. Plan well, pack smart, and take care of pets and plants. Remember health and documents. Get help from family, friends, or pros, and if needed, you can also contact us to help you.

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