Moving heavy items is so challenging. It requires serious hard work and many people to pack and move. So, professional moving companies like Team Removals Canada have created a different service section for moving only a piano. 

On average, pianos weigh around 750 pounds, and any piano weighing above 1000 pounds will require some professional help to move. However, we understand you might have budget issues or anything that may not allow you to book professionals. 

A piano is such a heavy and oversized instrument that it is very tough for even professionals to move. In this blog, Piano Movers Canada will discuss the tips for moving a piano or large house items yourself.

DIY Tips For Moving A Piano

Before moving a piano yourself, look at the tips for moving a piano professionally, which will help you complete this challenging task.

1. Proper Equipment

The first DIY tip to move a piano professionally and safely is to gather all the right equipment. You will need many pieces of equipment or different materials to move such heavy items safely. 

So your piano will require a furniture dolly that can hold its weight. Also, straps will be required to get a better hold of the piano and secure it. Finally, it gives stability in a moving vehicle. Moving blankets will also give the piano more security and prevent scratches. You can rent, buy or order them online from any platform where you get the best deal. Pianos of bigger sizes will require additional equipment like a piano skid board for safe moving.

2. Get Helpers

So after getting all the right equipment and moving materials in place, you will need the help of your friends and family to move the large item around the house. The piano’s weight and awkward shape make it very tough to move around. So, for the movement of an average upright piano, you’ll need four people to support you in getting the piano to the moving vehicle. So get your team on board for this complex task, and ask them for help.

If you cannot get your friends on board, many moving companies provide you with labour for the heavy lifting of your items. In addition, you can hire them just for loading and unloading.

3. Check All The Exit Ways 

So before trying to move the piano, first measure and clear the piano’s pathway through the house, check all the entry and exit points from where you will get the piano out of the house and ensure the measurements of doors, staircases, and hallways are perfectly fine to manoeuvre the piano. 

4. Keep Your Pets And Children Away

Also, make sure to keep your pets and children away from your way to save them from injury. Put your pet in a room or in their crate so they won’t disturb or get in the way while you take the piano around. Get your children with any adults in the house so they can handle them while you do the hard work. You don’t want to damage the large item, so securing and clearing its pathway in the house should be considered.

5. Wrap The Piano Safely

It would be best if you used secure equipment for safely wrapping the piano. You can use plastic wrap or cloth that’s big enough to cover it completely. Secure the wrap with tape and use moving blankets to avoid scratches.

6. Packing The Piano

Before moving the piano, you need to pack carefully. So, you must gather all the supplies for packing, like tape, piano skid board, padding, scissors, and moving blankets. 

To secure it, the first thing you need to do is to ensure its fragile keyboard. You must close and lock the keyboard lid and close it properly. 

You will need to use padding to secure the piano, use the moving blankets to cover all around it, and secure it with tape. Make sure the padding should be thick enough to protect it from all the bumps along the road.

7. Lifting The Piano 

Lifting is the complex part of moving a piano. You need to lift a piano to set it on the furniture dolly and then move it into the truck. You can do it in two ways:

  • First, you need to lift it with the help of straps and two people. Place two people on the ends of the piano to lift and place the strap under the piano. Now get four people to hold on to four ends of the strap to lift and move it onto the dolly.
  • The other way is to lift the piano with the help of two people and get a third person to slide the dolly underneath.

8. Place The Piano Safely In The Truck

The piano should be the first item in the truck against the wall separating the front part from the cargo space. Use the moving strap to tie it down and secure it properly inside the truck.

In the end, check the piano carefully for stability so it doesn’t move around when the truck is on the road.

9. Unloading And Moving In

After reaching the new place, this will be the last item you will unload, so you will have plenty of time to think where to place it, preferably against an inside wall, to prevent it from getting damaged by dampness and cold. But for unloading the item carefully, you would need one or more than one person in front of the piano, depending upon its size, for better control.

Now, after moving the item in, you’ll need to clean the dust around it. During a move, their inner mechanics, which are very sensitive, get affected on the road due to the movement. So get professionals to clean the interior and also to get it tuned. If you have disassembled the grand piano, you will need to take the help of your friends or close ones to reassemble it.


In conclusion, moving heavy items like a piano can be very challenging. It requires a lot of hard work and usually a team of people to do it safely. That’s why professional moving companies, like Team Removals Canada, have specialized piano moving services in Canada. Pianos are large and heavy instruments, and even professionals find it tough to move them.

However, if you have budget constraints and cannot hire professionals, you can try moving a piano yourself. The above DIY tips for moving a piano may be helpful. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that moving a piano yourself can be risky, and there is a higher chance of damage to the instrument or even personal injury. Pianos are delicate and valuable, so it’s always better to consider professional help to ensure their safety during transportation.

We offer specialized piano removal services and has the experience and equipment needed for a successful move. If in doubt, it’s best to trust the professionals to handle this task and protect your valuable piano. Ensuring the safety of the instrument should be the top priority, and relying on experts will provide peace of mind throughout the moving process.

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