When you move your house or office from one place to another, one significant thought always appears in everyone’s mind, and that is the tension of when you should pay the movers – before or after the move. This question is prevalent among people who are about to move to a new place with the help of any moving company in Canada

Any professional movers are just a team of moving experts, and they have full knowledge of how to move a house or business without any damage or delay. They are good at handling even the critical situations of any move. 

So, when to pay them is a general question for people moving for the first time. They do not have any prior experience of moving, which confuses them about when they should pay the movers.

It is evident, like water, that you will pay the moving company for their work. They will do this tricky job for you, and you pay them accordingly for this purpose. 

Also, the payment you make to them depends mainly on the services they provide you. There can be a mutual contract between you and the moving company about the total amount you will pay. The mutual agreement is about the total of all the additional services and costs. 

The main job of any moving company is to do the core job of any move like – Reach to the pick-up address, packaging all the items you want to take to, transporting goods to the new place, disassembling all furniture, storage all things, reassembling the furniture.

Generally, the basic rule is to pay movers at the end of the services. This can only be done when they have timely delivered all goods. But, sometimes the moving company asks you to deposit the amount when booking. Also, there is a possibility that they want you to pay in cash or cheque at that very moment. Things will get a bit problematic for you after this. 

What If You Pay The Movers Before The Move?

There is no statement that you should pay the movers before the move. But, if the movers are requesting a lot from you to pay, you have to deposit some amount before the move. 

People also give some free amount as a tip to the moving company workers coming to your place for the move.

1. Calculate The Possible Amount Of Move

Before even meeting the movers, it is essential to check on them about what a possible amount it can be. You can calculate it in your mind and decide how you will pay. You should make a budget in your mind about how much you want to spend on the whole move. We understand that going out of allocation is not easy for everyone. That is why it is essential to set a budget and stick to it at any cost. 

2. Negotiate A Bit If Possible

During the peak seasons of moving, like May to October, it is very typical for a moving company to get asked about the request to pay the amount in the end. They may have heard this several times, so they do not say yes. The best you can do is negotiate with them about the final price rate. Tell them you cannot pay out of budget because of your low financial condition. 

Different people keep on assuring them that they will deposit the money on the move day. Some furniture moving companies have this fear about a client that they can cancel the move a minute before the final day, and this activity can disturb the whole schedule of the company. It would be best to assure them that you will not do this.

3. Pay A Sensible Amount Of Money

This is understandable that paying a significant amount in one go is impossible for every person. A paid amount is like a commitment between you and the company. They are now bound to work for you properly because you have paid for it. Both parties are now answerable for any situation which will disturb the move. 

A reasonable amount works like an insurance for the moving company, which they can claim later if the client cancels the move. The moving company gets the compensation in that case. 

Also, not every moving company asks for a deposit before the move.

4. Do Not Pay The Large Amount 

We advise you that if your moving company is saying to pay in full or a large part of the total amount, it’s a big red flag for you. It is ok to deposit some part of the amount, but you should never pay a significant amount in the first meeting. 

Think wisely. If the moving company has not done anything for you yet, why are you paying such a huge amount to them for no reason? Take an intelligent stand and say no to the company that you cannot pay more than half of the total payment. 

The sign of a trusted company is that they never force you to pay in advance.

5. Tip To The Hired Movers

There are cases when the Movers are excellent in their work, and you feel like tipping them as being impressed. This gesture of appreciation can make their day because they also get to earn a little more. So, if you pay the company before the move, how can you make a mind about their behavior when they enter your home? You need to check on a few things before tipping them.

So, you can tip the movers if:

  • They are on time at your house.
  • They have shown you a friendly gesture.
  • They handled your goods with care.
  • They have taken protective methods to prevent any damage. 
  • They have given total concentration to work and did hard work from the first day to the last.

Make sure you do not tip them unnecessarily. This can make you go beyond the budget quickly. Your gratitude towards them can not only be counted after listing.

What If You Pay The Movers After The Move?

The best advice we can offer is yes, you should pay the movers after the move is completed. However, there may be situations where you are unsure about what to do and when – for example, if the moving company demands payment in cash, what would you do? You might also find yourself wondering whether or not to give a tip to the movers.

To ease these conditions, read out below :

1. Do Not Pay In Cash To The Movers

It is a very confusing situation. When your chosen moving company members have delivered all the items to the new place, it is your turn to pay them for their services. If the move is done, any moving company does not ask again for the negotiations. They do not allow the bargain after the move.

The question is, they might ask you to pay them the total amount in cash. The worst that can happen is that they can ask you this when you are unprepared for it. Always have one thought: your moving payment should be trackable later, and it can only happen in other modes of amount instead of cash. 

A good moving company accepts all modes of payment. They do not ask for cash usually. You can pay them through credit or debit cards. 

2. Make Payment At The End Of The Move

The time when the truck will be unloaded means that the team has finally arrived at your new residence. There is a possibility that even the vehicle driver can ask for money. 

So, to avoid any further misconception, the best is to pay by Credit Card. But this should be done when they start unloading the goods inside the place. 

3. Tip The Members Of The Moving Company After The Move

As mentioned above, it is again dependent on you whether you want to tip the movers or not. 

It would be best if you did this when they have completed the whole task very smoothly. 

You should check what the steps they have left for you now are. It’ll be good to tip them if they like to help you disassemble and reassemble the furniture. 

However, if you are moving to a new place, the movers helping unload the items are better than those who have just kept the boxes at your doorstep. 

So, it is up to you if you want to tip them or not. 


In conclusion, the decision of when to pay movers when relocating your house or office is a significant consideration that can impact your moving experience. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, several factors can guide your decision-making process.

Ultimately, the decision of when and how to pay movers depends on open communication, mutual understanding, and trust between you and the moving company. By considering factors such as negotiation, payment methods, and tipping, you can navigate the process of paying movers with confidence and ensure a successful and stress-free relocation.

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