Approximately 38 million people relocate each year, according to statistics. They must ensure that their mail follows them to their new residence when they do. 

Only by updating their postal address with the Postal Service can a person’s mail follow them to their destination. Consider the fantastic amount of Change of Address (COA) requests the Postal Service receives and processes yearly. 

When ready to move, mark the Change of Address action as completed in your Moving Checklist. But before you do, it’s only normal to be curious about the expense of changing your address. 

Cost Estimation: How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Address When Moving?

1. What Is The Cost Of Changing Your Address Online?

“$1.10, in a nutshell (identity verification charge)”

Changing your address online is by far the most convenient method. 

The best part is that you can do it whenever you have spare time, whether in the evening after you’ve finished packing for the day or during the day when you’re taking a well-earned break from the packing marathon. 

Furthermore, updating your address online takes about 5 minutes, so you won’t need to schedule too much time for that vital pre-move task. 

Is there a fee for changing your address online? There is, indeed.

The Get Started button on the official Change of Address webpage will urge you to begin the change of address process. As a result, after completing all needed areas with accurate information about yourself – including the entire new postal address of your destination – you will be requested to enter a legitimate e-mail address to which the online portal will send a confirmation mail. 

After that, your debit card will be charged $1.10 for an online identity verification cost. 

Keep in mind that the site will charge you a $1.10 change of address fee for identity verification. The fee is a regular practice for confirming your identity and protecting your personal information to prevent address fraud. 

2. What Is The Cost Of Changing Your Address In Person? 

“No fee”

The second most typical way to change your address when you move is to go to your local Postal Service office. 

If you live near a post office, you’ll be relieved to discover that changing your address at any Postal Service office will cost you nothing. To put it another way, updating your address in person is free. 

When you fill out the PS Form at a Postal Service office, you will not be charged an identity verification fee. After all, you will be able to quickly confirm your identification with the post office workers because you will be there in person. This is all good news. 

The main disadvantage to changing your address in person is that you’ll have to schedule a visit to a Postal Service office, which might be difficult if it’s a long drive from your home. It may be preferable to pay the $1.10 online change of address fee rather than drive to the post office and wait in line to begin the COA procedure. 

3. How Much Does Changing Your Address Over The Phone Cost? 

“$1.10, in a nutshell (identity verification charge)” 

When relocating to a new home, you can change your address online or in person, but you can also do it over the phone. 

If you’re afraid of completing things online but can’t find the time to change your address in person at a Postal Service office, you can use the alternate change of address procedure done over the phone. 

It’s simple to change your address by phone, dial your Postal Service number and follow the pre-recorded instructions. 

Is it necessary to pay to update your address by phone? 

Yes. The Postal Service will charge you an identity verification fee of $1.10 for the fraud prevention described above, similar to the online COA procedure. As a result, before calling the Postal Service phone number, you should have your bank card information handy. 

4. What Is The Cost Of Changing Your Address Via Mail?

“$0.58, in a nutshell (First-Class postage)” 

When moving, another option is to change your address via mail. It’s the least popular COA option, but it can still work for you in some situations. 

Download the Postal Service Printable Change of Address Form – PS Form 3575, print it out, correctly fill it out, and ship it to POSTMASTER, Canadian Postal Service, with a First-Class postage stamp. In this situation, you’ll only have to pay $0.58 for the First-Class Mail letter. 

So, how much does it cost to update your address with Canadian Postal Service? 

In conclusion, $1.10 (identification verification cost) online, free in person; $1.10 (identity verification fee) by phone; $0.58 by mail (First-Class postage). 

When Changing Your Address, How To Avoid Being Overcharged 

When updating your address with the Canadian Postal Service, be cautious because third-party websites can charge anywhere from $20 to $80 or even more for change of address services.

Keep in mind that no matter how professional such third-party websites appear to be, they are in no way linked with the Canadian Postal Service. As a result, you should never use a website other than the Canadian Postal Service’s official website to change your address when moving. 

Here are a few pointers to help you avoid being overcharged for a change of address: 

  • Before the transfer, Always go to the online site of the Canadian Postal Service to change your address online. Check that the URL of the webpage you’re viewing now includes “” somewhere. If you’re unsure, dismiss the current page and go to in a new browser tab. 
  • When changing your address online or over the phone, you should never pay more than the $1.10 identity verification fee charged by the Canadian Postal Service. If the change of address service will cost you more than $1.10, something is incorrect, and you should not proceed. 
  • CHECK FOR REGULAR BILLING. The Canadian Postal Service has demanded a one-time cost of $50 for identity verification. If you find that you’re being charged for the service on a monthly basis, something isn’t right, and you should contact your card issuer to dispute any fraudulent charges. 


So this is the total cost you need to bear while changing your address during the house move. But still, if you go through any confusion regarding the move or change in address, do not hesitate to contact our expert team of movers. Team Removals will be there for you to solve your doubts anytime.

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