Dorm living is a challenging and rewarding experience in which you learn to be self-sufficient, acquire essential life skills, and form new friendships. It’s thrilling and entertaining, and most young adults are anticipating it.

However, before you can move into your dorm room and fully immerse yourself in college life, you must first study the college rules, coordinate with your roommates, complete the proper paperwork, and check in at the RA office, among other things. You should also clean your room.

Dorms are typically cleaned during the summer, although this might have been weeks before college move-in day – and not always to the most outstanding standards. It is thus a good idea to clean your room thoroughly before moving your belongings in – the space will be easy to clean because there will be nothing in the way, and you will be able to complete the task fast and begin your dorm life in a clean and fresh environment.

Here are some tips to clean a dorm room before moving in to assist you in making your living area as tidy and pristine as possible in the least amount of time and effort.

Essential Tips On How To Clean A Dorm Room

It will be easier to clean your dorm room when it is empty, so do so before bringing your belongings in and beginning to unpack. 

Open the windows, put on disposable gloves, and start cleaning from the top down as soon as you’ve assessed the room and filled out the relevant documents.

1. Start The Cleaning Process With Dusting

Dust everything in the room, including the ceiling, light fixtures, air conditioning and heating ducts, walls, furniture, and hard surfaces. Pay extra attention to the corners and sweep away any cobwebs.

2. Wipe Disinfectants Wipes On Ordinary Objects

Wipe disinfectant wipes over regularly handled objects like doorknobs and light switches.

Clean the appliances (if any are given) using a moist towel on the interior and outside. Pay attention to the microwave and the refrigerator in particular:

  • Microwave- Place a bowl of water and lemon juice in the microwave and cook on high for several minutes. Allow cooling before wiping the inside with a sponge. Wipe the outside of the microwave using a clean, soft cloth wet in a mild detergent solution, then rinse and dry.
  • Refrigerator- Using soapy water, wipe off the refrigerator’s walls, doors, and handles. Remove all of the drawers and shelves and thoroughly clean them. Clean the refrigerator’s interior with a food-safe disinfectant or a vinegar-water solution. Replace the drawers and shelves once the appliance is completely dry, and place a container filled with baking soda inside to absorb any odors. Remember to clean behind and beneath the refrigerator as well.

3. Clean Thoroughly Using All-Purpose Cleaner

Take care of your furniture by cleaning it using wood cleanser on wooden surfaces and an all-purpose cleaner on other hard surfaces. Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed (with the upholstery attachment), and stains should be treated with a carpet cleaner. Vacuum the mattress thoroughly, then sprinkle baking soda all over the surface and let it sit for an hour before vacuuming again (use the brush attachment to remove the soda effectively).

4. Pay Extra Attention To Corners While Cleaning

If the room has hard flooring (such as vinyl, linoleum, laminate, or wood), sweep carefully (pay special attention to corners and places under beds and desks where dirt and dust collect the most), then mop the surface with warm water and neutral cleaner solution. If there is carpeting, vacuum it well and use a vacuum cleaner.

5. Clean The Bathroom Thoroughly

Cleaning the bathroom will be more of a challenge and will take a lot of time and effort. It is, however, crucial that you eliminate all germs and bacteria from the place, so you need to scrub and disinfect every inch of the bathroom:

  • Dust the vents and clean the exhaust fan;
  • Spray all tiled surfaces with a mixture of one part bleach and four parts water (or equal parts white vinegar and water), wait for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly;
  • Wipe down the doors, towel racks, and light fixtures with a damp sponge and all-purpose cleaner;
  • Pay attention to the shower — fungus or viruses such as athlete’s foot or staph infection might develop if a college shower isn’t properly cleaned. So scrub the shower walls and floor completely with an all-purpose cleanser before rinsing with hot water. Then clean the showerhead, shower rod, and shower faucets with baking soda and a vinegar/water solution before rinsing thoroughly. Use a polishing cleaner on any metal shower knobs or fittings;
  • Using a damp sponge, scrub the sink with baking soda, then rinse with hot water. Pour baking soda and white vinegar down the drain to clear any residue and ensure the sink isn’t clogged (if it is, unclogging solid chemicals may be required);
  • Clean the bathroom mirror with a glass cleanser and paper towels.
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet – apply a powerful disinfectant cleaner to the inside of the restroom bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing it with the toilet brush and flushing. Use an all-purpose cleaner or a bleach solution (1/2 cup bleach per gallon of water) to clean the outside. Use disinfectant wipes to cleanse the toilet seat;
  • Scrub the bathroom floor with a scrub brush and soapy water. (If the floor is filthy, mop it first with bleach and then clean water.) Allow drying after mopping with clean water.

Remember to notify your roommates and anyone else who uses the restroom with you when you use bleach and take all required measures (make sure the area is well-ventilated, do not mix bleach with other cleaning products, keep away from metals, etc.)


Cleaning your dorm room before moving in is essential for your comfort and peace of mind, and it is easiest and most efficient while the area is mostly vacant. So, before you start unpacking and arranging your belongings, give your dorm room a thorough cleaning and do your best to make it feel like your own. It will be simple to make a successful fresh start in your freshly cleaned dorm.

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