The outdoor furniture looks very good and attractive, and it is very comfortable. This furniture makes your house decoration look good. Many people want to buy furniture for their outdoor decoration but don’t buy it as it is hard to maintain. Weathering and many other factors make the maintenance of this furniture very tough for people.

The rainy season brings trouble. People don’t even bother to buy outdoor things to save them from getting wet and damaged. As a result, the furniture gets damaged by rain, sun, and dirt, leading to its quality degradation.

But don’t sweat if you cannot get furniture because of the rainy season. Team Removals Canada is here to share how to protect your furniture in rainy weather.

There are several ways to protect your outdoor furniture.

1. Cover and clean the furniture 

Using a furniture cover can save your furniture from the water pouring from above. It would be best if you place the waterproof sheet over your furniture as it will increase its life. These covers come in many different sizes and styles.

Some are with zip or velcro closures. They will not let your furniture get wet and damaged easily. So buy some covers to avoid your furniture being soaked in rainwater. You can also check different styles of waterproof covers online.

The furniture needs to be cleaned for potential damage or rust. To prevent rust in metal furniture, you must clean it with a cleanser and warm water regularly. In the case of hardwood, you need to wipe down the hardwood furniture with cleanser and warm water once a year.

 2. Use a tarp to save furniture

Using tarps is another way to protect your furniture from the rain. Lay it over the big furniture and put bricks on the corner to protect it from getting blown away by storms or strong winds. These can be used easily and put away when the rain is gone, so buy tarps and protect your furniture.

 3. Protect with a shielding wax

These waxes are good alternate options if you don’t want to use tarps or covers to protect your furniture from the rain. The wax gives an extra layer of protection. You need to put the wax on the surface of the wooden surface of furniture. The wax layer keeps the moisture away from the furniture for a very long time. This is the best method compared to other ways to protect outdoor furniture.

Although this is very effective, putting wax on the furniture will require effort and time. The wax not only protects furniture from bumps and spills, but it can also intensify the color of the painted furniture while giving an excellent durable finish. It’s easy to apply wax. It comes in a liquid form, and you will use it like paint.

 4. Use a water-repellent spray

Using a spray is easy, and saving your furniture from the water effect is very popular. In addition, these water-repellent sprays are used for fabrics. After using the water repellent on fabric, its nanoparticles bond with every fiber. Since the material is not coated, it remains breathable and repels raindrops like rainwater. 

Using these is simple; directly spray them onto things you want to waterproof. However, some other sprays give you the option to spray onto the sponge and then apply. This is beneficial because of two things. First, you can rub the sponge onto the hidden, untouched parts of the large furniture. Second, you won’t waste the spray as compared to direct spraying. Every kind of water-repellent spray is also available online.

5. Plastic covers

These covers made up of plastic can be a suitable replacement for standard furniture. In addition, the plastic table covers are usable at events like your pool parties. The USP of these plastic table covers is that they are disposable, so you don’t have to think about cleaning them later. Transparency is a feature of plastic covers. If you use clear plastic, you can enjoy the design of the furniture.

 6. Storing your furniture

Now the best way to save your furniture is to keep it away from the rain. People keep their furniture outside all the time, so their furniture is more prone to being affected by rain, water, and dirt. Instead, keep them stored under a shelter when you are not using them. 

 But for storing, you need to take time out every season to put everything in storage and then later bring it back out again. You can take it out any time when you are sure the weather is clear.

Some of you might be struggling with storage or space issues inside your house, so garden sheds are a good solution for those people. A wide variety of sheds are available on the market for you to buy. These sheds are perfect for storing garden tools or any other equipment. Just clean every item before storing it to keep it in good condition.

Plastic sheds are easy to maintain and can be assembled at home. These also come with locks to keep your storage items safe and secure. Acrylic is more vital than glass, so if your glass windows of the shed break or get damaged due to extreme weather conditions, make sure to replace them with acrylic. Acrylic creates a safe, shatterproof window that will last longer. You can get them quickly at a low cost too.

 7. Weather information 

The most simple and essential way to save your furniture from getting damaged is to know the weather and what sort of climate you will manage. Most people know the climate of their area, so they get the necessary furniture protection.

The essential information is knowing the weather and how badly it affects the furniture and outside. Then, it would help if you started looking for a solution.


Different storage boxes are available on the market; they come in all sizes, shapes, and materials. But those who want to save money can still create a weather-proof storage unit here.

Our home has many boxes around that can be used for storage. If it has a secure lid, it can save your stuff from getting wet and damaged.

Wood is a natural material. However, when exposed to too much moisture, it can rot. In addition, wood can swell from increased moisture content. Therefore, a dark watermark indicates that water has already entered the wood, and a light watermark means that the stain is still on the surface.

Apart from the ways mentioned above, there are some precautions you should take to prevent your furniture or clothes from being damaged. They are :

  • Don’t place your furniture near the windows; rain exposure harms wooden furniture. Keep it away from walls as well, as the walls accrue moisture, and it will damage your wood furniture.
  • Have cross ventilation to keep the room always dry.
  • Nylon-webbed garden chairs or painted metal should be kept indoors during monsoons to prevent them from cracking.
  • Clean your room with a disinfectant to tackle moisture and humidity.
  • Keep wardrobes, cupboards, and furniture a few inches away from wet walls.
  • The primary and straightforward way to take care of wooden furniture is to always use a dry cloth for dusting them. Wet cloth may damage your wooden chairs or table.


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