The entire process of moving house is incredibly demanding – both physically and emotionally – from planning your move and choosing a suitable new home to pack your stuff and saying goodbye to your former life. On the other hand, moving day is the pinnacle of physical toil.

Taking all of your worldly belongings out of your old home and loading them into a moving truck, then unloading and assembling them at your new address and bringing them into your new home is a lot of effort, made much more difficult by barriers like small spaces and stairs.

Moving boxes, furniture, and other heavy household goods up and down stairs are physically demanding – and dangerous. A hefty object can easily fall while being carried up the stairs.

If you hit the railings or the stairwell wall by accident, you could damage your property or injure yourself.

Fortunately, the job may be made safer and more accessible with a moving dolly.

The upright utility dolly, also known as a hand truck, is your greatest friend when transporting heavy objects up and down stairs. It quickly rolls up and down stairs, allowing you to get your load to the floor where it needs to go with little effort and risk.

On a moving day, the 2-wheel hand truck can preserve your belongings, property, and health — all you need to know is how to operate a dolly on stairs properly. our professional house removalists in Toronto can guide you about how to operate a dolly on stairs. 

Tips For How To Use A Dolly On Stairs In General

So, can a dolly be used on stairs? Yes, you can – hand trucks are pretty adaptable and helpful during a house move, but their most substantial benefit is that they can be used on stairs.

A hand truck, also known as a big wheel dolly, features two enormous pneumatic wheels connected to an axle that act as shock absorbers, allowing you to transfer your weight safely up and down stairs.

The dolly’s full vertical back provides excellent load support, and the handle at the top of the truck makes navigating simple. These characteristics make the utility dolly ideal for transporting big objects up and down stairs.

However, to make the job safer and more manageable, you must understand the details of using a dolly on stairs – and take all essential precautions:

1) Removing The Things From Your Pathways Is A Must

Remove any extraneous things from the stairs and landings, decorations from the stairway wall, and low-hanging lights above the steps to allow more excellent moving rooms and lower the chance of accidents.

2) Safeguarding The Stairwell Using Necessary Materials

  • To protect the edges of the steps, use stair edge protectors.
  • To protect the stairwell, use floor runners (protective coverings made of neoprene that have an anti-slippery surface and are very easy to install and safe to use on all kinds of stairs). You can also use old blankets or rugs (for wood or marble stairs) or self-adhesive plastic film to cover the stairs (for carpeted stairs). Keep in mind that any soft covers should be held using painter’s tape or plastic wrap and that any plastic covers should have non-slip surfaces.
  • Wrap blankets or old garments around handrails and railings on moving days to prevent them from scraping, denting, or breaking (use packing tape to keep the protective wrappings in place).

3) Enlist Assistance From Closed Ones Or Professionals

It’s better to work with a companion when transporting large goods up or down stairs with a dolly.

When maneuvering a loaded truck up or down stairs, you need a helper on the other side of the dolly to steady the load and help lift it from step to step – or brace it from below and help guide it downward – if you try to handle a heavy piece by yourself, it may fall on you and hurt you or damage the item, or you may hurt yourself or damage the thing when trying to load it on the dolly. You can also hire our expert house movers to help you to move into your new home.

4) Be Cautious When Loading The Dolly

  • Check the hand truck’s load capacity to ensure it can carry the weight of the cargo you intend to transport.
  • On the dolly, make sure the load is solid and balanced.
  • Straps, ropes, or bungee cords should be used to secure the load to the dolly.
  • Stand behind the dolly, grasp the handles firmly, and tilt the hand truck toward you until the load is evenly distributed across the wheels. To the stairwell, roll the dolly.

5) Be In The Right Position While Using The Dolly On Stairs

When using a dolly on stairs, make sure you’re always above it; this will provide you greater leverage and keep you out of the way of the truck in the event of an accident.

6) Take One Step At A Time 

Don’t rush things; wheel the dolly up or down each step slowly and cautiously, and maintain complete control of the vehicle. Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to learn how to operate a dolly to transport large items up and down stairs.

How To Carry A Dolly Up A Flight Of Stairs

  • When carrying heavy objects upstairs, walk backward and drag the hand truck up to one step at a time.
  • Place the dolly’s wheels against the first step of the staircase.
  • Stand on the first step backward, two hands on the dolly handle, and lean the dolly toward you;
  • Step up to the next stair and use your leverage to draw the dolly up to the first stair (continue pulling until the dolly’s wheels contact the edge of the next step);
  • Pull the dolly onto the second stair by taking another step up;
  • Continue traveling backward, one stair at a time, with the hand truck.

Bonus tip: To gain additional leverage when hauling a considerable weight upstairs, spread your feet with one step between them.

Using A Dolly Down The Stairs

  • You must gently lower the dolly one stair at a time while transferring big things downstairs:
  • Bring the hand truck to the top of the steps and lean it back against your body;
  • Move the dolly forward until it reaches the top stair’s edge, then bring the wheels a bit over the edge and pull back slightly, allowing the dolly to descend to the next step slowly;
  • Continue to slowly lower the hand truck from one step to the next. Make sure both wheels are neutral.


In conclusion, relocating can be incredibly demanding in terms of both physical and emotional strain. It involves a multitude of tasks, such as planning, packing, and saying goodbye to the past. On top of that, moving day can be especially challenging as it requires navigating through narrow hallways and staircases.

To safely move heavy items up and down stairs, it’s important to follow specific guidelines and learn the proper techniques for using a dolly. By doing so, individuals can protect both their belongings and themselves from harm. If you still have concerns, don’t hesitate to seek advice from professionals or trusted companions. Their expertise can make the moving process even smoother and safer.

In the realm of house moving, where every precaution matters, the appropriate use of a dolly on stairs can truly be the differentiating factor between a smooth transition and potential mishaps. If you have any questions or concerns about your move, our team of professional movers is always available to offer expert guidance and assistance. Contact Team Removals today to address any queries and ensure a successful and safe moving experience.

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