Moving massive, heavy objects is challenging – and dangerous. You might easily injure yourself, damage the item you’re transporting, or cause harm to your property – all at the same time.

To avoid such dire situations, you must be highly cautious and well-prepared:

  • You must clear the path of obstructions and take precautions to preserve your property
  • You must have adequate moving assistance
  • You must know how to lift and carry large goods securely
  • You must have the appropriate equipment.

A shoulder dolly is an ideal piece of equipment for lifting and transporting heavy goods.

Shoulder moving straps, also known as shoulder dolly, allow you to move and carry large goods with ease by leveraging and strengthening your body. They uniformly distribute weight on the shoulders, allowing you to move a large object with little effort and without stressing your back – and they maintain the piece secure throughout.

Using shoulder moving straps makes moving furniture, appliances, and other oversized home items easier and decreases the chance of injuries and accidents. To get the most out of the shoulder moving straps, you must first understand how to use them.

Everything you need to know about shoulder moving straps to make your move safer, smoother, and more accessible is here.

Tips On How To Use Shoulder Moving Straps For Move

Moving furniture and appliances with shoulder dolly straps is a straightforward operation. However, as is customary, there are a few details to be aware of in order to achieve optimal safety and efficiency.

Here’s how to properly use shoulder dolly straps:

1) Put On The Shoulder Straps That Move

When getting ready to move a heavy object with a shoulder dolly, first put on the shoulder harness – the shoulder straps should be comfortably over your shoulders, and the buckle should be flat in front of you (make sure the word “FRONT” is written on the buckle is facing outward, not toward your body), and the shoulder straps should be snug around your waist.

2) Place The Lifting Strap Beneath The Object To Be Moved

Place the long, durable carrying strap under the object so that the strap supports the majority of its weight. Ensure that the lifting strap runs the entire length of the component.

You can easily slide the strap beneath a piece of furniture or an appliance with legs if you’re transporting it (between the legs on the shorter sides of the item).

If the thing you want to move doesn’t have legs, tip it backward to slide the strap under it.

3) Secure Your Seatbelt

Squat next to the item you’re about to hoist (bend your knees but maintain your back straight) and thread one needle through it. Do the same with your partner.

4) Adjust The Carrying Strap’s Length

After you’ve secured both ends of the lifting strap to the shoulder harnesses, adjust the length of the shoulder moving strap between the two harnesses so that the item is lifted several inches off the ground when you stand up.

Turn the buckle horizontally to the ground and pull the strap end as hard as possible (the shorter the strap, the higher the item will be lifted). When the buckle is turned vertically, it locks.

Tuck any excess strap between the harness and your body so you don’t trip over it while carrying the object.

5) Raise The Object

Place your hands on each side of what you’re about to hoist while wearing the moving harness system. Push both arms against the item simultaneously until they’re straight. Ensure that you and your spouse are doing the same thing simultaneously.

Slowly straighten your legs while keeping your back straight and balancing the item with your hands to raise the heavy piece using the leverage provided by the straps and the strength of your shoulder and leg muscles. Make sure your companion rises at the same time.

Your shoulders should be tense when you rise, and the lifted item should be secure and properly balanced.

6) Deliver The Item To Its Final Location

Collaborate with your teammate to transport the item to its destination (into the moving truck, inside your new home, into a different room, etc.). To keep the thing you’re carrying steady and safe, walk slowly and carefully while holding your hands on it. One of you must walk backward, while the other must walk forwards, giving directions and warnings.

Lower the heavy object to the floor and untie the strap from the shoulder harness buckles when you reach your location. Take off your shoulder lifting straps and the carrying strap from under the item.

How To Utilize A Shoulder Dolly On Stairs?

Shoulder moving straps are your best alternative once again if you need to carry furniture, appliances, or other big things up or downstairs. Dress appropriately, secure the item to be moved on the shoulder dolly, and hoist it as indicated above.

If you’re carrying a heavy thing upstairs, take the first step backward and lean the item toward your partner. Step carefully up and down the next stair; your assistant should follow you, holding the heavy item from below.

Stand backward on the top step and tilt the heavy object toward you if you move it down the steps. Level down to the next step, supporting the item from below while your partner on the top stairs guides and steady the piece.


In conclusion, moving heavy and bulky objects poses significant challenges and risks, which can lead to personal injuries, property damage, and accidents. To mitigate these potential dangers, it is crucial to approach such tasks with utmost caution and preparation. Understanding the correct usage of shoulder dolly straps is essential to fully harness their benefits. By adopting these techniques and utilizing the power of shoulder dolly straps, you can make your move safer, more efficient, and, ultimately, less stressful.

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