Moving is a very surreal experience for anyone. It is linked to your emotions, also. Most people are very attached to their house, and leaving it to shift somewhere new is very hurtful. People want it to be very smooth because they want to be relaxed during the whole process. The essential thing in a move is transportation. It is an exact and delicate step of any move, and it needs to be done with good planning.

Transporting your precious belongings to another place is a very delicate task. It would be best if you did not do it alone because there will always be a risk of damage. When you take help from a friend, things become a bit easy for you. It is essential to have friends like that who also make your move their priority. 

Friends are the family that we choose. We can rely on them blindly, which makes the relationship stronger. See! Not everyone can afford the high price rates of any professional moving company, so taking help from them is an excellent idea to save some bucks.

But, as every coin has two sides, like the same, there are some disadvantages and advantages to taking help from friends. To make this more clear for you, we have made some valid points on the pros and cons of this topic so that it will be more straightforward for you to make up your mind after reading them.

Pros Of Asking Your Friends To Help You During Move

1. They Make The Move Affordable

Yes! This is one such point that clearly says that when you are taking help from friends during a move, then it directly helps your pocket. Having excellent and helpful friends is a blessing, and it will save you bucks if you call them to come over to your place to be a helping hand in the preparations for the move.

They can be a part of the team to do the packing, and also they can accompany you in loading or unloading the boxes and furniture from in and out of the vehicle, respectively. That is why calling friends for a move is very affordable and cheap. Hiring a removalist will make you panic about going out of budget because of many other additional charges apart from their original moving fees.

2. There Will Be No Time Limits In The Move

Taking help from friends is not limited to any particular time. If you hire any Moving company, they charge a lot of money for you to work extra hours.

So, if you think that they will come and work for you the whole day, keep one thing in mind, they will also charge more for staying so long. It will get costly if you want them to work for long hours. On the other hand, friends are very adjustable. They generally don’t have much problem staying for long at your place.

For example, if you all pack the items and the work continues till late at night, a house movers team you hired will make a hefty bill for working this many extra hours, but friends are more flexible than the moving companies. Friends can take out some more time to help you with the move. 

3. You Will Be The Decider For Move

Yes! You are the boss if you are taking help from friends. This means you will decide whom you want to call and whom not. It is all up to you and the amount of work. For example, if you are moving a single item to another place, calling two friends is enough. But, when you plan to move the whole house, you must call more friends to help you with work.

So, it is all up to your decisions in the preparations of how many friends help you want to take in. Friends are the best option anyone can have. On the other hand, if you call professional movers, they usually come more in numbers like a team, and it does not matter how much work you have to move. You are free to tell your friends when you need their hand in the move. 

4. You Will Get To Enjoy Your Move

You will agree that friends make every moment more fun and happy. You cannot rely on someone else better than your friends. If you have your friends there with you to help in every activity, then even a boring move can become the funniest.

Also, it will be very comfortable for you to deal with them because friends can make fun of even a loud furniture noise.

Cons Of Asking Your Friends To Help You During Move

As we have understood the benefits of taking help from friends, but as we know that everything has a second point of view too, so there are some cons also. It can be challenging to manage friends when you are moving across the country. 

1. It Can Stretch Your Stress Level

No matter how close you are to your friends, they are not professional movers. They do not have good experience in moving, so there will always be a chance of uncertainty that maybe your move will not go smoothly.

A professional moving company is a pro in this field, and they have already made many successful moves. They will not keep you in any uncertainty.

2. Your Friends Will Not Always Be Punctual

This is one reason that is very up to the mark for any professional moving company. They are very punctual, which makes them the best in the market. You cannot predict whether friends will come at a particular time. It is straightforward to understand that you haven’t signed any contract with your friends or are not giving them any payment, and they are just coming to help you as a volunteer.

You have not received any official agreement with them, so you cannot even ask them about any particular time or date. Also, a moving company will be officially linked with you before coming to your house. They are bound to be punctual and assist you on time. They make sure that your work is done before the final time. You do not have to worry about anything.

3. They Lack Professionalism In Their Work

when you are taking help from friends, it is pretty evident that all of your friends are not bodybuilders, and they cannot do that much heavy lifting for any massive furniture or other bulky items. Also, it is very tricky to even move any oversized item from one place to another. People can even hurt themselves while doing this. 

A team of professional furniture movers will have a complete idea of moving irregular-shaped furniture properly. They know how to drag any item out of any place or downstairs. Also, they have a decent idea about how to get furniture out through any door.

4. They Lack Knowledge Of Intelligent Packing

Packing any material is essential for any safe and happy move. In any house, there are differently shaped and sized objects. Your friends are ordinary people, and they might have only one method of packing in their mind, and that is only to put things in a box and seal it with tape. But packing is a lot more than this.

You cannot keep all objects together. That is why the role of professional packing and unpacking services becomes more important here. The team of professional packers will know how to pack smartly. They have some fantastic tricks to pack uneasy items too.

5. There Is A Risk Of Damage During The Move

When you are taking help from friends, it’s important to mentally prepare yourself for potential challenges, as they are not professional movers. If you call your friends, it will be a mess to take control of the situation. You cannot tell each of them to take care of the belongings while packing or even loading/ unloading.

On the other hand, there will be no risk of any damage during transportation with a professional moving company, and if something happens, you will be paid for it as your items are insured by the moving company you have hired.


In conclusion, moving can be a highly emotional experience, and taking help from friends can be a cost-effective and flexible option. This can also add a sense of connection and make the move more personal. However, there are potential downsides, such as their lack of expertise, punctuality issues, and possible damage to their belongings. On the other hand, professional movers provide efficient and secure transportation with insurance coverage.

The choice between taking help from friends and hiring professionals ultimately depends on personal priorities and circumstances. While friends can provide a personal touch, professionals offer expertise and reliability, reducing stress and risks. Ultimately, making an informed decision is key to a successful and smooth move to a new home.

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